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kevinmanuel · 6 years, 3 months ago
  • Hi,
  • There are two dangers to which believers are exposed: one is stopping short of the position grace gives;* the others is, losing the abiding sense of it in the soul. Both involve what is important as to position and condition. The latter should be governed by the former, and both maintained in consistency and grateful thankfulness to the Father of all grace, from Whom all blessedness comes, and to Whom all the fruit of it should return. 
  • Alas, how little pure grace is known or understood with the love that gave rise to it, and the work of the Lord Jesus by which the grace of salvation has freely come. The grace that saves from death and judgment, with present forgiveness of sins, is much clouded with uncertainty; so that the fullness of grace in positioning us in Christ in heaven is rarely heard of, much less known and believed in as a present blessed reality.
  • No wonder therefore, that the ground of an earthly people is accepted, and Jewish things imitated; as if what was, should still be in experience and practice rather than what is, since the Lord Jesus has come and is gone back into heaven. Eternal redemption, eternal life, present seated position in Him, in the abiding rest of a complete salvation, are nevertheless for today, since the Gospel has given by the Holy Spirit sent down from heaven. Happy are those who receive in their simplicity these blessed realities, as beyond all question!
  • It is well, for those who in any measure know what grace has freely and fully given in Christ, to be reminded of the responsibility such a position brings with it. Gentiles when under the profession of Christ, have become proud and boastful, indifferent to the true grace of God, yea, have turned it to fleshly purposes heavenly position may well give heed, lest they fall into the snare of practical indifference to the abiding sense of what grace should produce. 
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